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The Experience Summary

Here’s a set of information that supports my experience. For better viewing:

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Labex.io (Freelance, 2018)

Growth Hacking Expert in Calicut, Kerala
10,000% conversation rate for labex.io. View landing page here: https://lx.mz.gy/

They are no longer focusing on overseas operations (since they are busy with the Chinese project). The project focused on powering Alibaba Cloud tutorials now.

Meross.com (Freelance, Late 2017)

Setup meross.com and prepare content in English for the website. The framework has been changed now.

ugChain (Nov2017 – Jul 2018)

  • Managed their social signals on medium, Facebook, Twitter, (visit the links to check the userbase) and Bitcointalk.
  • Design and developed ugchain.org English website.
  • I constantly email and made partnerships with exchanges.
  • Managed a Telegram community of over 5k users.
  • Translated the content from Chinese to English now and then.

IObit (Jun 2015 – Jan 2017)

At IOBit, I managed/kickstarted the in-house organic SEO campaign for their major products and initiated the SEO campaign of a sister project, called IOTransfer.

Results / Major Achievements

IOBit’s top keywords on SERP, Google.com

  • pc optimizer – 7
  • start menu for windows 8 – 1
  • best uninstaller – 3
  • pc uninstaller – 1
  • driver updater – 2

and much more


Please find the attachment that contains traffic status of IObit. The Screenshot is in dutch because I don’t have access to the GA account as I’ve already resigned. I got this screenshot with the help of my Dutch colleague at IObit.

Traffic before I joined
Traffic after I joined

IOTransfer (Another Project of IObit)

  • Managed a team of 2
  • Did the entire ON page for IOTransfer and published over 150 blogs posts. Visit IOtransfer.net and check the blogs authored by Mike.

Acodez (Sep 2013 – Jun 2015)

I joined Acodez in Sep 2013,

Acodez SEO

and made 54.97% increase in sessions and 39.89% increase in page views respectively during the period of time Sep 28, 2013 – Feb 28, 2014*